Travel Cheap All Around the World

Travel Cheap All Around the World

Travel is a kind of lifestyle. When you do not travel 1 or 2 months to anywhere , you feel a failure to fulfillment, it means you love travelling! 🙂 It is what we usually feel as  ‘littlefamilyontheroad’ 🙂 We generally travel 4-5 times abroad a year. It can be a planned long travel including  3-4 countries or just a 3-4 days  travel to see a country that we dreamed before, with cheap tickets in flexible travel dates 🙂 But how do it? Travel cheap?

Each travel includes priorities and preferences that means you need to make some decisions clearly and plan before your travel detailly to find easily cheap flights and best deals ! 🙂 Determining optimal and the cheapest transportation and accomodation,  best budget tricks for your trip and all other eco-friendly choices need to be estimated to travel cheap 🙂 It is a kind of guideline for you about how we plan our travels and  travel cheap 🙂

best destination

Best Destinations

Determine Your Destination

  • You need to determine one of the best destination that you would like to see most.( You can make a long list that includes countries that you would like to visit and start to search for cheap tickets that hit the target to travel cheap!  🙂 )
  •  If you do not know  where to start to travel, you can just write  in a cheap flight search engine your city as departure and click on ‘anywhere’ button  as arrival so the engine lists you the best deals on flights that you can go 🙂 It is one of the best solution to travel cheap for your trip. It can be totally an amazing adventure. 🙂
  • We generally try to decide our destination 3-4 months before our travel because we need to take official permission from our jobs and prepare some documents. Buying your tickets early and arrange other things from months ago , helps you having the cheapest of everything! 🙂 That’s a golden rule!  Do not forget it! 🙂

cheap ticket

Cheap Ticket

Find The Cheapest Tickets

  • There is a long cheap flight tips list that you can make it vary more. You have to be sure that it is the cheapest ticket. In some dates airlines make best deals on flights such campaigns  for ex. 1 buy 1 free or discount flights on winter time etc. You can follow  campaigns and search for the cheapest tickets that you can buy just half price compare the normal fare and you can save almost half of the price for another thing on your travel. That’s a really good deal! 🙂
  • We search each cheap flight companies websites oftenly. Because sometimes search engines do not show some flights or it is not the same price on their own that’s why do not forget to check flight companies own web sites to be sure about price to travel cheap.

cheap accomodation

Cheap Accomodation

Arrange Cheapest Accomodation

  • Accomodation is the most important part that you spend much money during travel but if you arrange it right, you can save a lot of money and it provides evaluating your money in different areas. Firstly, you should check the cheapest accomodation alternatives in some accomodation sites famous all around the world and helps you to choice different, hotels, cheap hostels, camping areas and all together.
  • Another important thing when you decide your accomodation is place. If you find the cheapest hostel but if it is out of city and you have to pay much more for transportation to reach touristic places that you visit, it does not work! When you look at total, it means you spend more than you planned! That’s why, when you are choosing your best accomodation place, you have to be careful about closeness to touristical, historical and other important places.
  • We generally look for the cheapest hostels where they close to the city center and we can reach anywhere by walking that is the free activity of a cheap traveller couple can do ! 🙂 Sometimes, rental homes are cheaper than hostels , even they provide washing machine, cattle and microwave those means you can prepare your own meals and it make you save more money and travel cheap! 🙂

discount flight

Discount Flights

Plan in Flexible Dates

  • Dates are the most important effect for prices of airline tickets. You can take your calendar and sign the official holiday dates to travel, but when you search the cheapest tickets it will be a disaster. Because the prices will be the highest. That’s why you need search for flexible dates for your cheapest travel plan and find best deals in flights.
  • Another important things is weekdays and weekends. Be careful about weekends! Weekends are the most expensive days to buy flight tickets. There is no choice to buy the cheapest ticket on weekends. That’s why you need to focus on weekdays to buy your cheap travel ticket. You have to choose weekdays instead of weekends both for departure and arrival to save money and to travel cheap!
  • We generally determine a schedule include 15-20 days and change the dates in this schedule. If we plan it for 7 days we scroll it one day before or after to find the best deal!

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