Best Italy Destinations For Your Trip

Best Italy Destinations For Your Trip

Italy is almost the most famous touristic country in the world.  Italy’s history, Italy’s base for Roman Catholic Church mostly having  holy Vatican city inside, Italy’s cultural richness in addition to its countless museums, Italy’s magnificent architecture including ancient Italian buildings, gorgeus Italian art places, fabolous Italian foods especially being home of pizza and delicious pasta with a source of tasty wines  and lots of other things that can not fit into words enough to tell how amazing Italy and make it from the world’s most touristic countries 🙂 You should make a good plan to see best Italy destinations as well.

How to travel Italy perfectly ? Which Italian cities you have to see absolutely? 🙂

best Italy destinations

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Marvelous Rome


  • First of all, Rome can be the most historical Italian city. At ancient times, Rome was center of Roman Empire by Roman Catholic Church in Italy. That’s why, Rome is full of Italian historical memories that so many of them still survive. Ancient Collessium which is still hugely standing and has he stories of gladiators, is the most meaningfull example of the Italy’s historic facts.

Holy Vatican

  • Holy Vatican which is officially  the smallest state in the world and still home of Christians and Vatican’s art-filled museums which waiting for visitors to show Italy’s attractions from past to future, are the most famous touristic hot spots in Rome.

Spanish Steps

  • When you continue to walk in Italy’s best touristical area, you will face with artistic Spanish Steps where people sit or stand and chill out in beautiful Piazza Di Romagna 🙂 Especially at night in Spanish steps, you can blend into crowd and feel the perfect atmosphere of Italy’s best destinations.

Trevi Fountain

  • After the next corner, you will see a long que and realize that you reach  romantic Trevi Fountain 🙂 It is an Italian tradition if you toss a coin from your left side to Trevi Fountain, it means you will come back to Rome one day again and if you toss a coin from your right side , it means you will find your love! 🙂 So, it is your choice to toss a coin from which side 🙂 and it is clear that Trevi Fountain coins are famous with numerous wishes! 🙂 Moreover, you can watch the movie ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’  before you visit Trevi Fountain ! 🙂
  • Each step that you take in marvelous Rome, you will feel that your are in a movie which is in 1800s. 🙂 Therefore each Rome building, every Rome street and all Rome squares make you going to ancient times in Italy.
  • In conclusion, all of them can be listed as best Italy destinations even you can add the more for your trip in Rome.


Travel Venice

Amazing Venice

  • Venice is the place that you feel heaven in earth. Venice can be Italy’s most famous and touristic city. You can travel all around the world but never see such a sophisticated place as Venice. When you try to realize the Venice’s amazing lifestyle , you will be lost in beautiful Venice canals.
  • Venice is built with 150 canals and 400 bridges those are the most pleasant Venice attractions :)Hence, it means you can not reach anywhere without a bridge or a gondola 🙂 Especially for couples, Venice is the most romantic city in the world ever.
  • If you love historical balls seen in movies, you have to join the biggest festival in Italy called Venice Masquare Festival and see how Italians live their tradition in a lovely way. You will be impressed of creativ carnival costumes and amazing designed carnival masks in Venice.
  • As a result, Venice is the top of best Italy destinations list.



Leaning Tower Pisa

  • Pisa can be the world’s most famous tower because of its leaning form. It is sure the builders of Pisa can not guess such a mistake cause a good fame one day and spreading all world. You can see lots of people come to see the world’s one of the most touristic tower in Italy while it is leaning 🙂 Be sure you are standing straight! 🙂 And it is really worth to visit Pisa! 🙂



Artfull Florence

  • You can feel that you are absolutely in Italy when you are in Florence, The ancient Italian buildings in each Street and gorgeus Italian architecture fascinate you definitely. Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore and Palazzo Vecchio take to you Italy’s 1300s. You have to see Piazzale Michelangelo’s unbeliavable view. Tasting Italy’s faboluos foods and the variety of delicious Italian  wines that you could not believe how they will satisfy you till your cells.
  • All about Florence,all about art… Therefore, the art-lovers should add Florence absolutely to their best Italy destinations list and never come back without visiting hearth of art.

best Italy destinations


Luxury Milan

  • Milan is the capital city of Italy and the capital of shopping! 🙂 You can do the best Italy shopping in Milan you have ever do! All the famous brands are waiting you in Milan that organize world’s one of the most famous fashion weeks  ‘Milan Fashion Week’ every year. It does not mean it has not a historical value. When you see Duomo Di Milano which is one of the largest cathedral in the world and built in 600 years, you will feel the power of Italian culture and architecture.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

  • The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular popular tourist destinations in Italy especially in summer time, attracting thousands of tourists annually. Adding that, Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a cultural landscape. It is a fact that beautiful view of  endless sea, cute homes and all natural beauties make Amalfi indispensable! 🙂
  • Amalfi is increadible especially in summer time.  If you would like to have your best summer in your life, you have to visit Amalfi Coast as a best Italy destinations.

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