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cappadocia hot air baloons

Cappadocia Hot Air Baloons



Turkey’s ‘Fairy Chimneys’ called as a dream, are here and really nature built them!
First of all, it is so clear that nature sculpted the Central Anatolian region of Cappadocia with special care. At first look, they seem like as a creative architect design them amorphous. But in real they are the result of the natural forces during the intense volcanic activity. When you see them, you will not be able to understand what else could shape rock like that type! It looks incredible. Is that place really in earth? ! Let’s travel Cappadocia!

  • Cappadocia has a big international fame as a region of exceptional natural wonders, characterized by fairy chimneys. It is a unique historical and cultural heritage based on Roman period. Sedimentary rocks, created by volcanic lava between 9 and 3 million years ago, were eroded by wind and rain into it unique forms. The people from Roman Empire times carved thier unique houses, churches (almost each home has its own church) and monasteries. Churches were decorated with sumptuous frescoes. During your travel Cappadocia, you will be attracted by nature perfect job!

fairy chimneys,

Cappadocia/Fairy Chimneys


  • “Fairy chimneys” formed when lava covering the tuff (consolidated volcanic ash) became isolated pinnacles. As a World Heritage Site, the rock sites of Cappadocia and Göreme National Park are described by Unesco. It is “one of the world’s most striking and largest cave-dwelling complexes”.
  • Landscape of Cappadocia make a perfect view that looks like an art gallery covering a huge area full of fairy chimneys, wonder of nature during day and mysterious at nights.
    Sharp valleys , magical underground cities, 400 churches in sites, unbeliavable fairy chimneys, hearth of nature, best open air museums, hot-air balloons and moreover are waiting for you in Cappadocia!


travel cappadocia

Cappadocia Open Air Museum


  • Göreme Open Air Museum is One of Turkey’s Unesco World Heritage Sites. Göreme Open-Air Museum is an essential stop in your Cappadocia itinerary travel plan. In addition, museum deserves almost half of a day if you really give its worth. It has an important history that includes Byzantine monastic settlement that housed ,churches, chapels and monasteries.
  • The most important ones are Yilanli Church(Church of St Onuphrius), Tokali Church , Dark Church and Saint Catherine Chapel, Elmalı Church, Çarıklı Church. Churches have lots of Byzantine frescoes, multicoloured angels cover the pillars and vaulted ceilings, along with scenes such as the birth of Jesus and etc.

Ihlara canyon

Cappadocia/Ihlara Canyon


  • Ihlara Canyon is an impressive canyon with cave churches with numerous frescoes placed walls of the valley. This amazing canyon which consists of 14km along the north-south Melendi River, has sixteen of the valley’s 105 churches are open to visit. One of the most important churhes in Ihlara Valley is Ağaçaltı Kilise (Church Under the Trees). In addition, the others are Sümbüllü Church, Pürenliseki Church, Kokar Church, Yilanli Church, Karagedik Church, Kirkdamatli Church, Direkli Church, Ala Church, Kemerli Church and Egritas Church.
  • The Melendiz, one of the most important rivers in Cappadocia 14 km. long and almost 100 hundred meter deep is fed by many sources.  It passes between the villages of Ihlara and Selime. The Melendiz disappears into Salt Lake which is the second largest lake in Turkey. During your travel Cappadocia, you should plan one day to go Ihlara Canyon and feel breath-taking atmosphere!

cappadocia turkey

Hot Air Baloons in Cappadocia


  • The most popular activity in Cappadocia especially Göreme district is Hot Air Balloon Tours . It is like a tradition that every sunrise ballons are going up and tourist see beautiful sun rise from air and watch amazing landscapes of Cappadocia from top. Therefore, it is so special and sophisticated experience for tourists take a tour in air with balloons.
  • Ballons has big baskets hold around 20 people with the pilot ,close to the chimney rocks. It’s a fantastic ride that you have ever join. Cappadocia is world’s famous for hot air ballooning in colorful canyons, unique rock formations, ancient caves ,Roman-style vineyards and numerous churches. In conclusion, during your travel Cappadocia, you have to be join hot air balloon tours and see amazing view from top!

cappadocia underground cities

Cappadocia Underground Cities


  • The main reason of building underground cities especially in ancient times is fear. People feared the war and death, so they created undergorund citites as a saving place for their life. The local Chritians would abandon the cave churches and go underground – quite literally. Therefore, underground cities Turkey especially in Cappadocia has a really big place under the ground. Some of them has three or four floor below and include almost all necessary essential required structures such as kitchens, storages, rooms and big halls.

    cappadocia underground cities

    Underground Cities in Cappadocia

  • Cappadocia ancient underground has tunnels and caves, about 85 m deep. Underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu are the two most important. Beneath Cappadocia’s rock formations is a network of subterranean cities, which housed up to 10,000 people each.
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Love Valley


  • Cappadocia has lots of beautfiul valleys who has differences from each other. The most beautiful landscapes and the home of nature welcome you on those lovely valleys! If you are a nature-lover, you have to hike in Cappadocia valleys and see the power of nature in wonder. Furthermore, Pigeon Valley extended 4km. between Göreme and Uçhisar, Rose Valley the red rocks between Çavuşin, Ortahisar and Kızılçukur, Love Valley and Pasabag Valley that has the most unique fairy chimneys specially.

All in all, it is strongly suggested to travel Cappadocia and join its amazing adventure within unbelievable beauties of nature ! 🙂

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