Welcome to our little home!

We are Merve & Erkan who is officially  1,5 year (married:)) unofficially 12 year old 🙂 couple. 🙂 From the first day that we met, I knew his dream about being a pilot (he did! :)) and my desire to travel . When the first time that I was abroad , I realized there is a huge world outside wait to be discovered. Since 2008, I am travelling for education, exchange, work or vacation. I went to Macedonia for internship and he came with me, I went to U.S.A for work then he came with me and lots of other examples,too. I realized it was not an end , it was the beginning of a new story when we got married that is the establishment of  ‘’The Little Family’’ !:) Since years, we are travelling together and love it! 🙂 Our desire to explore new countries, cultures, lifestyles lead us. We love some cities but not some of others . We feel better, comfortable and familiar in some places but not in the others. We collect memories and discover new places in each travel. It is the fact that you like or not it does not matter,each travel change the atmosphere, make you breath fresh, your soul free and alive.

Our story is full of passions since 12 years when we did earth our home. Main motivation of ‘littlefamilyontheroad’ is telling people the beauty of travelling and pleasure of exploring new places all over the world.

The little family is on the road since years and invite you join to learn together, reflect together and have fun together!

You can find here lovely stories, little adventures, useful informations about travel at most inspiration and new possibilities 🙂 Look from sky, meet new people even you do not know language, see amazing creatures and explore world! 🙂